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Summer Term 2016


Dear Parents,

It has been an exciting time for school in the last few months celebrating our wonderful Ofsted and SIAMS achievements. As governors we are extremely proud of our dedicated staff and very hardworking pupils, the St. Margaret’s team can feel justifiably pleased indeed. We need to sing out our praises and enjoy our success!

As we move forward there has been much publicity in the media nationally about the Year 2 & Year 6 SATs for this year but we have not received any enquiries or concerns from yourselves which I feel is due to the excellent communication you have from your class teachers about your child’s progress. Assessment is ongoing at St Margaret’s and will always form a part of teacher’s knowledge and understanding of your child’s needs and our professional team use all kinds of strategies both formal and informal to ensure that every child is challenged to achieve their best in all areas of the curriculum. As governors we do monitor all aspects of assessment throughout the year. Despite the national debate, you can be assured St. Margaret’s has efficient systems in place to meet the needs of all our pupils.

The other major educational topic since March has been the Government’s new Education Bill and the directive for schools to become academies by 2020. The media now informs us that a u-turn has been made but as in most news topics you need to understand both sides of the debate. Behind the scenes we are beginning to think about our school’s future as we get less and less school improvement support from our Leicestershire Authority. It is a certainty that at some stage in the future we will need to consider becoming an academy. As a small school we need to forge collaborative links with other similar schools. We are in discussions with other C. of E schools locally but as always we will consult with you as and when we have any specific plans. In the meantime please keep an open mind about reports in the media and be assured that as governors we will ensure that any changes at St.

Margaret’s will only be to our advantage and benefit our staff and children.

Finally I would like to thank all families for our improved levels of attendance and punctuality. Well done everyone!

I hope that we have a lovely warm summer term so that classes can enjoy some outdoor learning in our much improved school grounds.

As always if you have any concerns please get in touch with us via school or the website.

Kind Regards

Jean Buckby