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 Governor Targets & Priorities


We will have the following meetings:

  • Admissions Committee
  • Curriculum & Standards meetings
  • Pay Committee
  • Health, Safety and Premises Committee
  • SMSC Committee
  • Full Governor Meetings
  • Headteacher & Chair meetings




Governors’ Update for Parents


Our governors are popping in and out of school on a regular basis and it’s not always obvious to you as parents what we’ve been up to!!


At the end of every academic year the School Leadership Team and governors reviews our performance in all areas of school life and discuss progress made on the previous year’s targets, this enables the headteacher to set new targets for staff, to enable us to continue moving forward and improving our provision.


Key Priorities for 2017/18…………………..


· Reading, Reading….. monitoring our children’s enjoyment of reading/impact of the new school library/introducing 100 top classic books to read over time in school/children’s understanding of their reading.

· Higher Attainers….to look at how we are supporting our higher attainers in maths and English and across the curriculum

· Send and PP pupils… ensuring that these pupils receive the best provision by developing new a new target setting process with specific action plans for each child

· Resilience… implement a new scheme across school to help our children cope better with their learning by understanding their emotions and how they change


Autumn Term 2017 Review


So what did we get up to last term?


  • 2 full governor meetings in the evening
  • 1 Health and Safety Committee meeting
  • 1 Curriculum and Standards Committee meeting
  • 1 Admissions Committee meeting
  • Headteacher’s performance management review and targets set for 2017/18