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Year 2



This week we have been practising our play and on Monday we did it to key stage 2 and Joseph was Joseph in the play. Jasmine was a shepherd  in the play. On Tuesday we did our play in front of an audience. Our favourite dance was the camels who were really funny.  



This week we have been learning about The great fire of London in our English lessen. The green table

We’re making a news paper, the Blue and Purple table were making a story about  the great fire of London  in 1666 and the red and the yellow table have been writing sentences about the fire. In maths we have been doing money problems.

The most exciting bit of our week was when Julia Donaldson replied to our letter. She sent a book about herself and told us all about her life. We also got some stickers.


We are year 2’s digital leaders. We are going to help Mrs Newark to update our class page and blog.

This week in school we have been learning about Guy Fawkes. He tried to kill the king! We know about other people who were helping him. One was called Thomas and one was called Bates.

Today we have been acting out our stories about Guy Fawkes. We had to make sure that we read carefully. Our voices had to be loud and clear.

We have also made Tudor Houses in class. We had to draw them first then we had to cut them out. We had to do the windows and the door too. Next we had to stick black strips on to show the pattern of the wood.


In maths we have been talking about shapes. We even know about shapes with lots of sides like octagons and we know 3d shapes like cylinders too.



By Joseph Davison-Rowe and Jasmine Hill