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Year 4

On Thursday (3rd September 2015), we had a  great day because we had a special visitor.  A man called Greg came to see us.  He said he was an Anglo-Saxon!  He taught us all about the Saxons.  He showed us some different types of clothes.  We really liked the chain mail that Zane got to try on.  Some of us got to hold a spear and attack Greg.  We tried to put a hole in his shield!  Greg showed us some animals that the Saxons might have hunted like the fox that Jack got to hold.  It was a bit disgusting but he did tell us that the Saxons wouldn't have wasted any of it.  They would have eaten the meat and then used the fur to make clothes.  After that we all had a go a doing some Saxon dancing.  We were pretty good!  Later in the day wearied writing with quills and also tried to play some Anglo-Saxon games.  We had a brilliant day!