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Year 6’s week


This week we have been having great fun bringing in our Egyptian projects. We saw everything from shaduffs to food harvests, and our jaws dropped when we saw the amount of effort we had all put in.


We learnt lots of facts about the river Nile and we have started to learn an Egyptian play that is called                                                              

 The Awful Egyptian Play!!! J J



Year 6’s week


Year six have had an amazing week:


  • They’ve had fun with finding out the perimeters of different shapes;


  • They’ve had a great time in English doing all sorts of reading comprehensions; and


  •  They’ve been doing loads of incredible topic work that I really want to talk to you about in the following text.


Earlier last term we started to mummify our own little mummies (oranges), that we wrapped up in cloth. This week we got to un wrap them, the oranges were all brown and yucky. We are all following the process that the ancient Egyptians would have done, to their loved ones, but we are using normal oranges.


Firstly we had to empty the Egyptian powder out of the oranges, it was a messy job. It went everywhere and I mean everywhere, on the floor, on the tables, on are books and a little bit got on us! Next we had to make are mummies body. This was the tricky part, you had to make the arms, legs and the main part of the body the hips and up wards.

We have a lot more stuff left to do on are mummy oranges, so I hope I can keep you up to date with it. I do wish to see you again,




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Year 6 inter-school basketball


When we left for basketball we had to split up into three groups. Jake Clarke, Finlay and Guy went with Mr Cox in a in a massive van (they said it was big enough to fit a bed in it). The next group (Elliot, Thomas and Jess) went with Mrs Tomkins in an Audi. And the last group went with Mrs Oliver and they were George P, George M, Erin and Liam. Mrs Oliver’s car even had a foot rest and a massager (only in the front and the foot rest in the passenger seat).

After we had departed every one followed Mrs Oliver because she was the only one who knew the way. When we arrived, at Heath field academy, we all got out and had a discussion whose car was the best (I think Mrs Oliver’s car won). Everyone went in to the office full of determination that we would win but we hadn’t seen our competition (it was Barwell). When the sports leaders arrived they took us into the hall. It was a huge school and if I did go there I would get lost. 

When we got into the the hall we had to make teams which Elliot (the team captain) had cleverly already organised. St Margaret’s A team was both Georges, Elliot, Guy and Jake C and the B team was Erin, Jess, fin, Liam and Thomas. After we did that John (Mr Cox) warmed us up. First he lined us up( the B team in one line and the A team on the other). The A team passed to the B team and they passed back but once you passed you went to the back of other person’s line. After that warm up we did a shooting drill (George Plummer was the best at that one). When nearly everyone had scored we moved on.  Finally we had a practice match before the opposition arrived the A team against the B team the A team won. 

When the other team came we played our first match - the St Margret’s A team vs Barwell’s A team. Sadly they won the match 1-2. The game after that was St Margret’s B team vs Barwell B team and unfortunately they won that too. The third game was St Margret’s A team vs Barwell’s B team and we triumphantly won that 5-0 –WOOOOOO! But the next game we lost sadly - our B team against their A team and they won again. Our final game was against St Margret’s A team vs St Margret’s B team and the A won that so all together we got a total of 7 points and the B team got 3 points. So the Final game was Barwell A vs Barwell B team (we needed the B team to win) but disastrously the A team won.

Therefore in the end the Barwell A team came first, second St Margret’s A team, third the Barwell B team, fourth came St Margaret’s B team.  Overall, we would all do it again and we will not forget it any time soon.  We would like to say a big thank you to Guy’s dad, John, who took on the role of ‘team coach’ and give of lots of great advice whilst we were playing our matches – thank you John!

                                                        By Elliot Hall and George PlummerJ                    

                          Year 6  trip to the New Walk Museum

On Tuesday year 6 went to the New Walk Museum. The museum has lots of galleries from Egyptians, Indian exhibits, strange art to dinosaurs. We got on the bus at 9:35 which is 30 minutes off schedule. The journey took about half an hour and we sang to songs on Capital.

 When we arrived we put our lunch in a big green box and were escorted into the Ancient Egyptian room. In a talk that room we were greeted by our tour guide Andy and he gave us a talk about an ancient Egyptian kitchen. We then passed around lots of Egyptian artefacts dating back to 4500 years ago. We had to try and find the one that was the oldest which was a clay bowl made by an 8 and a half year old.

 4 special activities were set up for year 6. The first activity was taking organs out of a body and putting them in the correct canopic jars. The second game was dressing up, we dressed up as boys and girls in ancient Egypt. We all learnt that people under 10 didn’t wear clothes. The third activity was practising using bow-drills to drill holes in wood the same way as an Egyptian man would to make fire to cook bread. After that we made amulets using clay and a mould.

After that we looked at Bes-En-Mut a mummy who was living in the Egyptian times. Historians assume he was rich because only rich people would get a proper mummification, tomb and sarcophagus. It is amazing that artefacts like Bes-En-Mut, a head and an Egyptian hand and all the other artefacts live and stand to this day. After the Egyptian section we had our lunch and split into groups to explore the rest of the museum.

The first section my group visited was the animal species section. In this section there was lots of different categories of animals. Snow, Sea, Jungle and lots more. There was so many interactive sections and you could go under tunnels and stick your head in the different habitats. After that we went downstairs to see the dinosaurs. There was a virtual reality screen thing where you could control a magnifying glass zooming in and around underwater dinosaurs.

Last, but not least we went to see the Gateway to India. Inside there was lots of pictures and videos of India. There was a strange Indian board game which was kind of like draughts and there was also the Attenbourgh art collection and Picasso ceramics. In this section there was also a screen where you could zoom into all the finest details of famous artwork.

After that we had to leave. Our amazing trip had come to an end. It was very informative and even more fun. Everybody loaded onto the bus and soon later we arrived back at school. Everybody enjoyed the trip and we would definitely go again. We were also amazed at the beautiful entrance which was like a roman temple with columns holding it up. We hope we get to go on lots more amazing school trips and have hugely enjoyed this.


By Elliot Collerson and Rhianna Adlam.

Triumph came to St. Margaret’s school

Triumph came to St Margret’s school to tell the year sixes all about what an engineer is, what an engine looks like and how it works. John and Jeff showed us some bikes from triumph and we saw what the inside of a bike looks like. They also showed on a video how they test their bikes and what the designs of a bike looks like.

Here is one of the bikes they brought in for us to see.

A bike had some of the parts took out and so we could see

the inside, that helped us to understand how the engine works. We

 asked lots of questions on engineering and what

 It’s like to work at triumph.  We really appreciated

 Jeff and John coming in and telling us all about engineering and triumph. Many thanks to Jeff and John.  


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Picture 2

Year six have put together a sensational end of year production to put on to parents and carers. It is called Robin and the Sherwood Hoodies. All of key stage two have been working extremely hard to get the production ready. The fabulous singing and even better acting.


The play is hilarious. Lucas has to dress up as a pantomime dame (girl). Anya is a puppet controlled by her puppet master Libby. There is some great actors/ actresses in this class.


I hope everybody likes the play. As we have all worked really hard and all of key stage two staff have too.


By Adam Year 6 


On Thursday the 25th of June, year five and six got a visit from a few St. Martin’s students and their French teacher – Mrs King. Our French teacher (Mrs Ibbitson) and Mrs King arranged for us to set up our own sensational French café in our school hall!


We were able to order our own food in French with the St. Martins students as our waiters and waitresses. It was like a real French café; the only difference was that it was free! (Well for us children it was any way)!  J


Even better, we were served actual food and were able to eat it too! We had Euro fans and we had to show the waiter or waitress how much we would pay them for their service and for the great tasting food! The café was phenomenal: we enjoyed it and hope to be able to do it again some time!


Special thanks for my mum, Mrs Ibbitson who put together the whole thing. Thank you! Also for our school who funded the divine food and for Mrs King and her students for coming and helping 



On Thursday 4th June year 6 participated in a cycle challenge and the 4 best people got selected to go up against other schools in a cycling competition. First of all we did some games to show some people, from Leicestershire county council, what we could do on our bikes. The first game we did was just to weave in out of some cones, then race down to the end against another pupil. Secondly we did a game where there was a box and we had to weave down to that box and throw a bean bag in whether it was while you were riding or if you wanted to stop. If you got a bean bag in a hoop (which there was one either side of you) then you would get 5 seconds knocked off of your time. The 3rd game we did was where there were red and blue cones and we cycled to the red and then ran with our bikes to he blue and then got back on our bikes to the red and then ran again till we got to he blue then cycled all the way back down to the end. Finally we did a game where we cycled as fast as we wanted to a line and then we weren’t allowed to brake from that line and we just had to glide to another line. If you went through that line you smashed an invisible sheet of glass and you were out however if you didn’t go past the line then you didn’t smash the glass. That took us to the end of our cycling session, we all put our bikes against the fence and said a massive, “THANKYOU!”

By Georgia Smith Year 6 JJJJJJJJJJ



Mrs Clarke has been busy making the Sherwood Forest tree for the greatest production ever: Robin and the Sherwood hoodies! When we are in class Mrs Clark is in the classroom doing our tree for the production. Today she has been helped by two boys in our class (Harry and Kyle). They helped her a great deal and so now she is about halfway to completing the `great oak'. Throughout half term we will be learning all of our lines and for Robin and Marian they must also learn the solo parts of the song to sing! Once done, we will be in the hall producing it and getting it ready for parents to watch!JJJJJJ

     By Grace PlummerJJJJJ  

Cultural Diversity Day – Year 6 – Zimbabwe


On the 21/05/2015, a man came all the way from Leeds to come and teach our class all about Zimbabwe! (He had to get up at 3am to come to our school… I wouldn’t be able to do that.)J Dumi was a very kind man that had lots of interesting facts and information to tell us about. We were very thankful that he came and it made us more knowledgeable about Zimbabwe and he also taught us how to dance! Ask any of the year 6 children if you want a dance for a celebration/party! We also had a letter from the ‘Meadow Tenderers’ to us ‘The Meadow Doctors’ and then we had to solve the problem of the meadow. We then made either a rap or a poem about the meadow in our own little groups and related this to every day life.


At the end of the day, everyone gathered in the hall to tell one another what we had learnt. I think we all had a brilliant day so thank you to Mrs Yeomans who organised everything, Kings Lodge who worked with everyone else and Dumi who offered to come out of the kindness of his heart!


By Shania Year 6



On Friday the 15th of May it was Food Revolution Day. We followed an interesting online lesson. This was taught by the one and only Jamie Oliver. J


We made a ‘squashit sandwich’. It was delicious. It was a bread roll packed full of a vibrant rainbow salad. Yummy! J This consisted of many fruits and vegetables: apple, cauliflower, radishes, cucumber and carrot. Fab!


Food Revolution Day is a global campaign to put compulsory practical food education on the school curriculum. Jamie passionately believes that by educating children about food in a fun and engaging way, we can equip them with the basic skills they need to lead healthier, happier lives, for themselves and their future families.


I liked the sandwich and so did the rest of year six.


By Adam Preedy.