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During these challenging times our priorities remain keeping our community safe and providing an outstanding education to our pupils. We are fully committed to ensure that the pandemic does not have a lasting detrimental impact on our pupils.


To ensure that pupils required to self-isolate due to exposure to a possible/confirmed case of COVID-19 are still able to access the curriculum Remote Learning contingency plans were put in place since August 2020.


To safeguard pupils and staff it is very important that the protocols for live content are followed as outlined in the Trust policies.

School Closures - Spring 2021


Following the government announcement on Monday 5th January 2021 the school is closed to all but vulnerable pupils and the children of critical workers.


Vulnerable Pupils

Pupils in vulnerable categories should attend school each day. Staff have already contacted parents/carers of these pupils. If you believe your child is in a vulnerable category and you have not been contacted please call the school office.


The Children of Critical Workers

The school is committed to supporting families and the community and recognise the importance of ensuring those that are critical to the COVID response are able to carry on their crucial work. It is important that the number of pupils attending the school site is kept to a minimum to help drive down the transmission rates in the community.


If parents who are critical workers are able to keep their child at home they should do so. If there is another adult in the home or you are able to work from home please consider keeping your child at home. The school will aim to make the remote learning as accessible as possible to reduce the necessity for parental support throughout the day.


Advice for parents supporting remote learning at home


We appreciate it is a difficult time for parents particularly if they are working from home and trying to support remote learning. Our remote learning offer is designed so that our pupils can work with some degree of independency. Please do not put unnecessary pressure on yourself or the family; do what you are able. If you would like some advice to support home learning the EEF have produced some useful helpsheets.

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