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Info for Autumn

Welcome to Year 5! There will be lots for us to learn and I am excited to be working with you all. There are a few things that I just want to run through so that you can be ready for the term and we can get cracking straight away. You will get lots more information at the beginning of Year 5, such as when we will have PE, swimming and a whole lot more!


Staff in Year 5

Teacher ~ Miss Wyllie

Teaching Assistant (Mornings) ~ Mrs Shilladay

French ~ Mrs Ibbitson


Some information for you, to give you an idea of just a few of the topics we will study, as well as our maths and English:


World Maps


Animals including humans

Ancient Greece

World War II


Some of the trips we might be able to go on ~ so try not to let your parents take you! There may be others if we don’t do all of these:

Geography & ICT ~ West Midlands Safari Park

History & English ~ The National Holocaust Centre

Science & Maths ~ Fosse Meadows

RE ~ Places of worship


Useful things for starting year 5:

This year, many of you have had pencil cases and your own belongings. This is great and I do recommend it, as those of you without can regularly lose school pens and pencils which might delay the start of  lessons.

I was slightly surprised at the size of some of your pencil cases which I saw on transition day!

Please could you limit yourselves to one small pencil case that fits in your tray; if you wish to bring a second small pencil case with colouring pencils, please do, but ensure it fits in your book bag. All you need in your pencil case:

  • sharp pencil (HB / mechanical are the best)
  • frixion pen (blue for writing)
  • rubber, ruler & pencil sharpener
  • purple pen if you want (for corrections / next steps)
  • yellow highlighter
  • 1 other colour for self-assessment (if you want)



You will be able to read whatever you like, as long as it’s suitable to be in school ~ just make sure it’s something you enjoy! A number of children have been bringing in books or magazines for other people to enjoy and in Year 5 we go a step further and make much more of our library corner…….have a think over the summer about a few things:


  • look out for any books you might want ‘swap’ in the swapsies box!
  • read lots of FUN things!
  • if you’re not already a member ~ join the local library! COMPLETE THE LIBRARY CHALLENGE!


Times tables

I know that, for some of you, learning your times tables isn’t the easiest thing, but knowing them as you go into Year 5 will make the maths work much, much easier for you ~ I promise! Please get to grips with your times tables, even if it’s the only thing you do!


Things to do before we go back to school:

1. Learn your times tables.

2. Find something to read that you enjoy…..and read lots of it!

3. Play outside (even if it rains), build dens, climb trees, make friends, get muddy, run around, plant things, grow things, make things, make a mess, bake things, do good things, be kind and have fun!


Please make sure you share this information with your parents (possibly not the bit about getting muddy or making a mess), and then make sure you all have fabulous summer holidays.


Miss Wyllie & Mrs Shilladay



If there are any parents who would like to volunteer to help us out in the classroom or with additional activities (cooking / art / sports etc), please let us know (please note that you do need to be DBS checked). Even listening to readers or practising spellings or times tables with children for 20 minutes before / after maths and English would be really useful if you can spare the time. Thank you.