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Info for Spring

Happy New Year & Welcome Back!


Dear Year 5 children, parents and carers,

It’s been a good first week back with lots of hard work and I am pleased that lots of you have come back ready to learn!  Obviously we have lots of hard work ahead of us but hopefully lots of fun too.  This letter will give you a little over view of what is to come this term although I’m sure that we will add even more to it as time goes on.



In science we will be finishing our learning about forces before moving on to learn about living things and their habitats. We’ll be carrying out some experiments and probably making a mess!


We shall be beginning a new history topic this term, all about World War II, which I know many of you are looking forward to.  We’ll begin by finding out about the causes of World War II before moving on to look at what life was like both for soldiers away at war and those left back at home.



In our maths work we shall be getting to grips with written methods of multiplication and division before moving on to learn a lot about fractions!  It is incredibly important that you learn your times tables ~ I know some of you are beginning to struggle with some of our maths as you don’t know them.  Please be really responsible and get learning them, it will make all of our upcoming work so much easier!


In English we shall be continuing with our punctuation and spelling targets and also grammar.  You all got much better at recognising when sentences need varying.  Now we need to start working on remembering all the different skills learnt and showing them off!


Reading ~ Reading is incredibly important which I am sure many of you (and your parents) realised when you took home your reading comprehensions last term.  It’s not just about being able to decode the words (working out what each word says).  It’s about working out what the writer is trying to tell you.  It’s also about being about to pick up the pace of what you are reading so that you can read a piece of text in a set time.  We will be doing a great deal of work on this during the Spring term and I would like you all to be really responsible for completing your reading homework.


Word work ~ along with your reading, I would like you to use the space in your reading records for ‘new words.’  We are going to see who can find unknown words in their reading books!  When you come across a word in your reading book that you don’t know, jot it down (I’ll show you where if you’re not sure), there will be rewards for people who are consistently doing this!



Rewards ~ This half term, I am going to trial a new system in class which I am hoping you will enjoy.  I would like to have more frequent but simple communication with your parents about when you have had an amazing day or perhaps consistently shown super manners etc.  I shall be keeping a pot of ‘notes home’ at the front of the class.   They may be blue, green or purple.  Every so often, I (or another adult) may award you one of these.  It will be explained to you why you got one, you will write down on the note what it is for (because I think it is important that you know why) and then the adult who gave it to you will sign it.  You will then be able to take the note home so your parents / chosen adult can see that we are proud of you.  I think this is really important in addition to the green cards and stickers that you may get. You get to keep this note!


There may, however, be times when I would like you to tell your parents or carers about something that has happened during the day.  Perhaps you have been a little too chatty or you haven’t shown good manners.  If this happens, I may give you a different coloured note (orange) to take home.  I (or another adult) will write on it what we would like you to chat to your parents or carers about.  To show that you have done this, you will then need to get them to sign it at the bottom before returning the note to me the next day, ready for a fresh start.  I am sure that we won’t have to see many of these!  Parents and carers ~ I would really like your feedback on this later on in the term please ~ I will send out a letter towards half term to see what you think!


Little things to remember

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask / get your parents to jot them down in your Reading Records (but make sure I know that they’re there!).  I am sure that we will have a fun filled term with lots of learning and successes.


Thank you,


Miss Wyllie