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In our class we have lots of adults this year!  Miss Steele and Miss Farmer are in class all day every day.  On a Tuesday alongside Miss Steele,  Mrs Ibbitson is in class in the morning and Mrs Yeomans in the afternoon. (You may have heard your child talk about all these people!) 


Your child is now receiving reading books every week, don't forget there are all sorts of activities you can do to make reading fun.  Sometimes just share the book with your child, but ask them questions about what they have read and can they predict what they think may happen next.  Try and trick your child by reading the book from back to front, can they tell you what you are doing wrong and does it make sense?  Maybe choose a sentence from the book, write it out, cut it up and then put the words around the room.  Ask your child to find the words and can they read them, put them in order so they make sense.  Most of all enjoy reading time!


Please do pop in if you have any questions or queries.