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Frida y 22nd March 2019


This week, on Monday, we had Maths Fanatics. We did it in groups of sixes. .In English we identified the features of a persuasive letter. On Tuesday we planned a letter.  Monday in Science we did how fast towels can dry. Thursday Topic was learning about clouds and Friday we did a spelling test and leant about the story of Jesus and the leper.


By Scarlett and Deacon.



Frida y 15th March 2019

This term we have been learning about fractions. On Friday, we had a special visitor “Miss Shilliday”. We learnt about William Shakespeare. Also, it was red nose day! Everyone, came to school in different uniform and brought a nose with them. In English, we wrote a story about a little fish. In R.E. we wrote four paragraphs about right and wrong.


By Alice and Elodie

Year 4's portrait of William Shakespeare:


Frida y 8th March 2019


This week in maths we have learnt all about fractions. We have learnt about adding fractions and subtracting fractions. Learning about fractions has been really fun but it has also been hard. In English we have watched a short film about the ocean being piloted by humans. We have been learning about water pollution and the water cycle.


By Sophie and Josh



Friday 9th November 2018


Hello, welcome to year 4!


Over the last few weeks, we have had an exciting time in maths. We have had two topics! First, we deepened our knowledge in addition and subtraction. We learnt how to use different methods of subtraction, including adding on to both, column subtraction and partitioning. We practised all of the methods till we got them all right! Our new topic in maths is about perimeter. We have learnt how to measure the perimeter of any shape. We learnt how to calculate missing lengths and what rectilinear shapes are.


In English, we learnt about conjunctions and fronted adverbials. There are 3 types of conjunctions. A fronted adverbial only works when you put a comer after it. A fronted adverbial is a word or phrase that goes at the start of a sentence to give extra information.


We have started a new Topic! We’ve been learning about the Anglo Saxons and how they came to Briton. It has been very fun!


Science has been very interesting. We made a plants and animal’s classification key and we’ve started learning about animals, including humans.


Thanks for reading, see you soon! Bella and Natasha!



Frida y 5th October 2018


This Friday morning we had our harvest festival and year 4 were leading it. It went great. In our guided reading we learned about answering literal questions from texts. In geography we learnt about rivers.


In English we were doing Super Stan Totally Tense and we changed tenses on sentences into past, present and future.


By Pelayo and Thomas



Frida y 28th September 2018


Hi Year 4!


This week in Maths we have learnt about numbers below 0 and we also did really well at our hot tasks. We saw a diver dive from a platform from +10 to -10. We experimented by diving objects in bottles full of water and recording our results.


Also in English we have learnt about punchy paragraphs and superhero facts. In spellings we did a word search. We have practised for our Harvest festival and its looking really good.


By Antony and Libby



Frida y 21st September 2018


This week we have been doing place value in Maths. In English we have been learning about lovely list sentences. We did a superhero photo shoot in front of the school. It was amazing! In math we have cracked it and we have looked at 1000 numbers. In English we have been writing very big blocks of writing.

We have had lots of fun this week in year 4 with Mrs Beasley and Mrs Danks.


By Reebie and Alife.



Frida y 7th September 20


Welcome to year 4.


Hi welcome to our blog today! It’s like a diary that everyone can see.

So this week we have been learning maths. We have loved maths we have been learning about roman numerals and rounding up and down. So roman numerals are part of the alphabet. So rounding up and down means if it is below 50 you are rounding down if it is above 50 it is rounding up to 100.We had some problem solving like roman numerals and partitioning and we have been doing place value and we also have a superhero theme in our classroom.


By Aimee and Jenson.