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 Governor Targets & Priorities


We will have the following meetings:

  • Admissions Committee
  • Curriculum & Standards meetings
  • Pay Committee
  • Health, Safety and Premises Committee
  • SMSC Committee
  • Full Governor Meetings
  • Headteacher & Chair meetings




Autumn Term Update


At the end of every academic year the School Leadership Team and Governors review the performance in all areas of school life and discuss progress made on the previous year’s targets.  This enables the Headteacher to set new targets for staff, to enable us to continue moving forward and improving our provision.

At the end of the summer term, Mrs Nelson our Vice Chair together with the School Leadership Team met to plan the 2018/19 key areas for improvement.


Key Priorities for 2018/19

  • To deliver an engaging and relevant curriculum

This will involve reviewing our current curriculum. During the year staff will focus on History/Geography/Art/DT/Music and Science.

  • Higher Attaining Pupils (HAP)
    Developing greater challenge and offering (HAP) pupils opportunities to make learning choices in their work, develop self-challenge and ensure a wider variety opportunities for HAP pupils
  • Improving physical and mental health
    Within our curriculum, through character education, for every member of staff and within our community.


Governor Monitoring 2018/19

This year all monitoring visits will focus on the above School Development Plan targets.


Autumn Monitoring and Evaluation will focus on the wider curriculum target.  Governors will complete a school learning walk during History week, talk to pupils, look at children’s work and attend curriculum staff meetings.


The monitoring of the HAP pupils will be an agenda item for every Curriculum committee.  

Governors will look at provision and the progress of HAP pupils.  Visits will be planned for Spring Term 2019


The SMSC committee will monitor the well-being target.


In September all Governors completed the Safeguarding and Prevent which will be renewed in 2 years.


 Autumn Term meetings plan 2018

  • 2 full Governor meetings in the evening (September and December)
  • 1 Health and Safety Committee meeting (November)
  • 1 Curriculum and Standards Committee meeting (November)
  • 1 Admissions Committee meeting (September)
  • Headteacher’s performance management review and targets set for 2018/19 (September)
  • 1 Pay Committee (October)
  • 1 SMSC committee (November)


Governors will also support and be in attendance at the following events:

  • Meet the teacher evening
  • Harvest Festival
  • Open Morning
  • Parents Evenings
  • Faith visits
  • Christmas productions
  • We will even help with Christmas dinner!!


Inspiring Primaries Academies Trust (IPAT) 2018/19

We are now in our second year being part of IPAT and much networking and group support has been established.  Currently our staff and Governors have access to attend the following IPAT groups:

  • Head Teacher’s group
  • English leaders group
  • Maths leaders group
  • Early Years group
  • Governor group
  • Business Managers group
  • Premises Officer group


In addition we also have access to our own, IPAT Health & Safety officer


During 2018/19 further networks will be established including a group linked to sharing good practice for our Higher Attaining Pupils who are More Able pupils.


We now share many policies with all our IPAT partners.  Our teaching staff are making positive links with staff across all IPAT schools.  In April 2017 the CEO, with other leaders from IPAT, made a full Ofsted type audit of St Margaret’s current teaching and learning.

Data is shared between schools and we can benchmark ourselves with our IPAT members and draw support and share new ideas to benefit all our pupils.


Overall our first year as an academy has been very positive and going forward we will develop further links for staff support and plan the way ahead for St Margaret’s as a part of IPAT.


In November, the Chair of Governors, Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher attended the IPAT strategy meeting to share ideas and plan for the development of IPAT as we continue to grow as an academy trust.


Executive Headship

As you are aware 2018/19 has seen a change in leadership for St Margaret’s as Miss Procipczuk is now Executive Head at Ullesthorpe Primary School on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  The impact of this change will be closely monitored by the Full Governing Body at every meeting this year.


Individual Governor Visits Autumn 2018

Each Governor is a volunteer and most of our Governors have a full-time work commitment yet they still find time to visit school, to monitor, support and observe all areas of school life.


Chair of Governor Visits and activities:

  • Regular meetings with Headteacher
  • The Vice Chair attended the IPAT Governors forum in September
  • Local Authority Chair’s briefing
  • Along with the School Business Manager completed a full Fire Risk Assessment of all areas within school
  • Observed a full Fire Drill
  • Full premises Health & Safety walk with School Premises Officer
  • Staff meeting about developing a more engaging curriculum
  • Staff briefing with the head teacher
  • Met with the Clerk to Governors and Headteacher to plan the Full Governing Body meetings for the term
  • Open Morning
  • Parents evenings where this year we are focussing on improving parking around school at the start and end of the day
  • Met with Deputy Head to plan the curriculum meeting
  • Supported RE Coordinator on the Faith day by visiting a synagogue with Year 2


SEND Lead Governor:

  • Met with parents of SEND pupils during drop in session
  • Met with the school SENCo and Headteacher
  • Presented the Child Protection Policy 2018 to Full Governing Body
  • Completed Safeguarding audit
  • Safeguarding visit


In addition, the curriculum committee with the support of the Headteacher, has produced transition support for KS2 parents with clear guidelines of the Leicestershire application process and lists of high schools in our area.


The Governors have completed an assessment of staff well-being. A questionnaire was sent to all staff. The findings have been collated, results shared with Senior Leadership Team and staff. The SMSC committee will look at highlighted issues in greater depth during the year to make improvements to support all our staff further. This is part of the well-being School Development Plan target.