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Year 5


Welcome to Year 5
2019 ~ 2020  

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A new type of Summer Term ~ what are you all getting up to at home?

I'm so pleased ~ Iona is growing her potato!

Iona's brilliant 'throwie' graffiti!

Tom's made some surprising discoveries about the amount of sugar in different foods. It's surprised me too!

Kate made this amazing junk model owl based on, 'the roots to grow and the wings to fly.'

Hayden has been radish growing!

Jenson has been learning new skills ~ wow! What a fabulous thing to make!

Siena's worked hard to find out about VE Day

Iona has produced a superb, colourful poster about shapes! (Unfortunately I can't turn it the right way around though!)

Thomas has created a timeline ~ it's great to look back at your own history!

Hayden has been finding out about VE Day and has written a newspaper article

Bella's certainly been getting into the VE Day spirit of things!

Siena has been planting things in her garden. She challenged me to guess what it is. I've had a go ~ what do you think she's planted?

Lola S has made a poster about sugar in food ~ some of it has shocked me!

The Highway Man by Lola

Still image for this video

The Highway Man by Jenson

Still image for this video

Josh's fabulous poster about penguins ~ and fabulous drawing!

Bella has found about about Barbary Lions and King Penguins

Iona has taught Miss W something ~ all about Crested Geckos!

Hayden has created 3 posters ~ The Battle of Britain, The Blitz and The Solar System! Great work Hayden!

Lola's fantastic fraction wall

Bella has created a wonderful poster about the environment & change. Take time to have a look!

Elodie has been completing Equine courses, created a poster about horses and been for some wonderful walks!

Siena celebrated her birthday & did some cooking and baking...anyone else feeling hungry?!

Emily has been learning how to sew and bake! Well done Em!

Kate has seen the positive side of this situation ~ what a wonderful thing to do! Take a look at her poster!

Iona has worked hard to show what she knows about fractions. She's also created a super poster about the Battle Of Britain! Well done Iona!

Alex has been looking after butterflies and then let them go when they were ready ~ what a lovely change to observe! He's also been developing his art by drawing 3D stairs and, impressively, thinking about the environment and has designed a poster to encourage people to stop pollution. Well done Alex!

Making Christmas cards to deliver to the elderly and lonely in our community

Year 5 made cakes for the drop in Center at the Salvation Army for Christmas.

We're so proud in Year 5 that Alfie won the 'School Banner' competition!

The children wrote their own assembly which they delivered to the rest of the school ~ what they had learned about Islam

We had a great trip, developing our knowledge about Islam. We visited the Baitul Ikram Mosque in Leicester.

Year 5 had a super morning trying out circus skills!

On Monday, Year 5 went on a trip to Fosse meadows.  The weather was cloudy but thankfully there was only a drizzle of rain which didn’t stop anyone from having fun!  The children (and adults!) all had a super time.  A lot of tree climbing took place, followed by playing in the long grass; as you can imagine, football and Frisbee were made particularly interesting!  Everyone had a go on some of the climbing equipment whilst we were walking around the meadows, we even tried to balance the whole class on a balance beam although Year 5 don’t appear to balance very well when all together!  Further on, we had a chance to climb some more trees, especially when a certain young man accidentally threw a howler up a tree which was shortly followed by football but Mr Newark and George shimmied up the trees and rescue them both!  Everyone enjoyed a picnic and a play on the equipment and we finished off with den building in the woods.  It was super day out and lots of people will no doubt visit again!  Most photos are now on the Year 5 class page.

Making Rice Crispie cakes for the Salvation Army

Some of Year 5 were excited to receive replies from companies they wrote to, persuading them to reduce the amount of plastic which they use.

Year 5 enjoyed meeting the new arrivals.

The children have been getting better at learning the World Map....a little more practise is needed!

Investigating clues to learn about 'inference.'

Creating clay pixies, trolls and fairies and designing their 'gardens!'

Shakespeare Art ~ Pointing a Picture

Science Week ~ Investigating Flight!

Our Trip to the Holocaust Centre

World War II 'Dig for Victory!'

The children have written some fabulous war poems.

Research about Winston Churchill & children presenting his speech

Practical Maths ~ working out perimeter and area

Drugs and Alcohol Awareness Workshop ~ a fantastic session delivered to the children!

Happy New Year & Welcome Back! 

We hope that you have had a lovely break and are ready for the Spring Term.


Please remember that your boats are due in the first week back ~ we shall be 'sailing' them!

Christmas Holiday Homework ~ Boats

An example of our 'Blackout Poetry' at the end of WWI week

WWI week

We've had a fabulous time with art and DT! Everyone began by sketching a dragon eye before considering the colour. Next, we made them out of clay before painting them. They are amazing!

Year 5 enjoy a 'Bubble Run!'

Making 3D biomes to show what we know!

Year 5 enjoy circus skills!

Year 5

Welcome to Year 5; there will be lots for you to learn and we are looking forward to you coming into our class. There are a few things that I just want to run through so that you can be ready for the term and we can get cracking straight away. You will get lots more information at the beginning of Year 5, such as when we will have PE, swimming and a whole lot more!


Staff in Year 5

Teacher ~ Miss Wyllie

Teaching Assistant (Mornings) ~ Mrs Clarke

RE ~ Mrs Yeomans

French ~ Mrs Ibbitson


Please see the 'Info for Autumn' tab at the top for lots more about the year ahead.


Millie performs her poem!

Still image for this video
Millie performed at Nuneaton Arts festival at the beginning of May and treated us to an early viewing of her performance! Well done Millie!

Sam, Warren, Lucy & Paige (& 2 of our Year 6 children) ~ winners at the Sportsability competition!

Summer Term 2018

Hopefully we will be able to look forward to a sunny term so we can spend lots of time outside!  We've got lots of work to continue with but plenty of other activities to enjoy as well. 

Reading ~ our class book this term is, 'The Explorer.'  

Geography ~ our geography work this term is all about settlements, land use and use of resources and we'll be combining this with our English work as we investigate plastic pollution.

Science ~ we'll be continuing with out learning about animals and'll know lots more by the time we've finished!

English ~ we will be completing some research and some persuasive writing and even getting in contact with some large-chain supermarkets to see if we can persuade them to reduce the amount of plastic they use in their packaging.  We'll be having a bit of fun as well with some slightly 'out of the box' creative writing....but you'll have to wait and see what that is!

Maths ~ you will continue to become experts with fractions before moving on to learn about decimals.  Then we'll move on to working on geometry.  Your maths progress has been superb!


'Do not ask me to forget, for I cannot remember.

Do not ask me to forgive - for I cannot.'  

Quote from "Hidden Childhood" sculpture by Stanley Bullard at the Holocaust Centre.

19.03.18 ~ Year 5 had a thought-provoking and very reflective day at The Holocaust Centre near Newark.  We were able to learn more about life during the 1930s and 1940s under the Nazi regime and were able to empathise with different children who lived during those times.  We followed the lives of some survivors who lived through the Holocaust and some children who escaped the atrocities on the 'Kindertransport.'  The day made us all feel incredibly lucky for what we have and the lives that we are able to lead.

'Dig for Victory!' Children made amazing WWII gardens and showed them to some of the younger children. Some of them even had real veggies, herbs and flowers growing in them. Lots of parents and family members got involved as well. They really were fab!

Investigating plants!

Year 5 WIN The 'S' Factor with their amazing performance of 'Revolting Children' from the musical, 'Matilda.'

Saturday 3rd February 2018

Lots of Year 5 attended the Cross Country.Image result for cartoon worm GIF

I think most of them came to squelch in the mud or rescue worms!

Investigating mechanisms ~ children tested gears, levers and pulleys before creating some of their own, using some of Wallace and Gromit's mechanisms as inspiration!

A visit from Dumbledore ~ our new hairy friend!


Science ~ Investigating Water Resistance

Year 5 made some brilliant boats ~ well done all of you!  They were very  impressive and your science evaluations were superb......I think we have some boat builders of the future in our class!

Spring Term 2018

Welcome back to school; I hope that you have all had an enjoyable Christmas and New Year.    Under the 'Info for Spring 2018' icon, you will find an overview of what’s to come this term, as well as some information about a few ‘tweaks’ to some areas, such as homework.   Below, you will find lots of photos of what the children got up to last term and we’ll keep you up to date with what we do this term as well. Parent ‘help’ packs were sent home last term with every child, if your copy didn’t make it to you, please let me know!


For more information, please see the letter that will come home with your child, or look under the 'Spring' icon.  


Miss W

Christmas homework challenge ~ please see the

'Homework' icon.  Will your boat win the race? 


29.11.17 ~ Parent Request Follow Up

Following on from lots of requests at parents evening, a 'help' pack has been sent home with each child today to give you more information about what the children have been learning........and to explain lots of the terminology that the children have been using at home ~ such as the WABUBS!

I've also included some information about KS2 writing expectations, English sentence structures, grammar, spelling and punctuation etc.   There is also a selection of useful maths materials, such as maths methods which we are using in class, as well as additional information such as Roman Numerals, place value, multiplication grids etc. 

If there is anything that I can do to help or support you with your child's learning, then please don't hesitate to send a note in with your child and I'll do my best!

Thanks, Miss W

Investigating Air resistance ~ some interesting parachutes!

Healthy Heart Workshop including a quiz-race and some learning about healthy food choices.

Visitors from Hinckley Council talking to Year 5 about safety and making sensible choices when out and about

The children spent some time reflecting on the character traits they'd like have....

Forest Schools Activity ~ Building hedgehog homes by Samara, Riley, Rowan and Abi

Excitement in Year 5 as the children build the new 'standing desks!'

2017 – 2018

Updated October 2017 ~ Please see 'Info for Autumn 2017' for start of Year 5 info, including staffing, homework, expectations etc.


   The children have had a super start to the year and have been busy learning, playing and being sporty! 


They began the year as space scientists, exploring the planets and finding out about the Earth spinning on its axis, whilst also travelling around the sun; then they got in a pickle whilst trying to act it out at the same time as having the Moon orbit the Earth ~ thankfully in real life it 

doesn’t all crash! 

In English, the children have thoroughly enjoyed reading ‘Goth Girl and the Ghost of a Mouse.’  Lots of them might even have book 2 on their Christmas list!       


They have also been very competitive in English this term.  In class, everybody got in on the challenge of reciting I SAW A WABUB at speed (you better ask the children if you’re not sure what it stands for!), with Rowan currently in the lead at around 2 seconds.  


Next, 18 children went to the Sports Hall Athletics, where they were fantastically sporty, even if there were a few crashes with the wall.  The children were so supportive of each other and there were some super results.                   

In the last three weeks, times tables have taken over, with fierce competition both in the classroom and online ~ even some of the parents have got involved and it’s been great to see their names lower than the children’s on the leader boards! 

Now, with Times Tables Rock Stars, the competition is surely going to get even fiercer……who will be the top of the Year 5 league by Christmas?!

Rockstar Times Tables

Sportshall Athletics October 2017 (More photos in the Sports section of the website)