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Leicestershire & Rutland Summer Championships 2018

Back in April, our team of 6 Year 5 and 6 children won the local area Sportsability competition at Green Towers and therefore qualified to represent Hinckley and Bosworth at the county Summer Championships on Friday 29th June. We set off early and travelled all the way to Uppingham, where we had a fantastic day joining in with the Opening Ceremony (featuring Paralympian Shot Putter Sam Ruddock) and taking part in the Sportsability Competition against 8 other schools, each representing their area of Leicestershire. The children were fantastic - giving their all at each of the different sports they played, ranging from curling to target boccia! At the end of the games, we were awarded the highly-valued 'Spirit of the Games' trophy for our fantastic determination, honesty, respect, passion, self-belief and teamwork! Well done to Sam, Warren, Paige, Lucy, Emily and Mia - Mrs Ibbitson and Mrs Shilladay were incredibly proud of you for representing our school and local area so brilliantly!

On Wednesday, we had a fabulous school games 'Sports Day.'  The children were superb and enjoyed a carousel of activities before competing in the sprint races and the howler event.  There were some very fast children!  A super morning was had by all. The winning team was Baxter!

On Thursday 14th June, 28 children represented St Margaret's at the annual Area Sports athletics event.  We had such a fabulous day and some really brilliant results! Best of all, the children were such a credit to the school ~ their behaviour and team spirit made us very proud!  The Year 4 children had a super start: girls (Holly, Megan, Alarna & Jasmine) won their relay heat by a long way which saw them through to the finals, George came 6th in the long distance and Megan came 3rd overall in the sprints.  A super start when there were 38 schools there!  Year 5 carried on the successes: the boys (Harry, Ben, Noah, Toby & Elliot) won the overall shield for points after coming first in the relay, Ben came 3rd in the sprint and Harry added extra points by winning the sprint!  The Year 5 girls put in a super effort; Ruby's howler throw was fantastic!  The Year 6 children had a successful afternoon.  The girls won their relay heat by a long way and then came 2nd in the final.  Gracie was top 10 in the long distance and Kirsty and Kasey both put in great performances in the sprints.  Maisie and Lillie did well at the howler and long jump ~ we're still awaiting the results of these.  Year 6 boys were the last to race, coming 3rd in their relay heat, Maddox and Zane completing great howler and long jump entries and Henry and Sam scoring points in the sprints.  Thank you to all the support we had for this event; it was a super competition for the children who really were fabulous.

Continuing the winning streak! Sportsability team 24.04.18

Continuing the winning streak! Sportsability team 24.04.18 1
Continuing the winning streak! Sportsability team 24.04.18 2
Continuing the winning streak! Sportsability team 24.04.18 3
Continuing the winning streak! Sportsability team 24.04.18 4
Continuing the winning streak! Sportsability team 24.04.18 5
Continuing the winning streak! Sportsability team 24.04.18 6
Continuing the winning streak! Sportsability team 24.04.18 7
Continuing the winning streak! Sportsability team 24.04.18 8
Continuing the winning streak! Sportsability team 24.04.18 9
Continuing the winning streak! Sportsability team 24.04.18 10
Continuing the winning streak! Sportsability team 24.04.18 11
Continuing the winning streak! Sportsability team 24.04.18 12
Continuing the winning streak! Sportsability team 24.04.18 13
Continuing the winning streak! Sportsability team 24.04.18 14
Continuing the winning streak! Sportsability team 24.04.18 15
Continuing the winning streak! Sportsability team 24.04.18 16
Continuing the winning streak! Sportsability team 24.04.18 17
Continuing the winning streak! Sportsability team 24.04.18 18

St Margaret's winning football team! 23.04.18

St Margaret's winning football team! 23.04.18 1
St Margaret's winning football team! 23.04.18 2
St Margaret's winning football team! 23.04.18 3
St Margaret's winning football team! 23.04.18 4
St Margaret's winning football team! 23.04.18 5
St Margaret's winning football team! 23.04.18 6
St Margaret's winning football team! 23.04.18 7
St Margaret's winning football team! 23.04.18 8

The WINNING netball team ~23.04.18 (Better photos to follow!)

The WINNING netball team ~23.04.18 (Better photos to follow!) 1
The WINNING netball team ~23.04.18 (Better photos to follow!) 2
The WINNING netball team ~23.04.18 (Better photos to follow!) 3

Cross Country ~ Saturday 3rd February 2018

It was super to see such a number of children turn up for the cross country this morning despite the rain and early flurry of snow.  It's clear that our children love the mud!  Throughout the morning we saw some fantastic results, beginning with the Year 3 girls who didn't take long to finish the course ~ Kate (3rd) , Alice (8th) and Lola all came in the top 30!  We saw more great running from the Year 4 children and an excellent 5th place finish for George.  Year 5 clearly wanted to spend time in the mud before racing; Amy began with trying to rescue all the worms that had come out in the rain (a never ending battle) and the boys enjoyed mud 'squelching' before being reminded that they were actually there for a reason!  We had 10 children race for Year 5 which was brilliant; Elliot flew around the course and came in 2nd place.  Our final race was for the Year 6 boys (Joseph and Henry) who were brilliant after quite a wait in the cold!  Well done to all our children and thank you to their parents for bringing them.  The next and final race in the schools competition is on the 3rd March at Bosworth Academy, Desford.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6

Year 2 football tournament

On Tuesday, ten children took part in a football tournament held at St Margaret’s.  Six schools came to participate and our team had a super afternoon playing against other schools and showing off what they had been practising at school with Mr Clafferty.  It was brilliant to see so many talented young footballers in one place!  St Margaret’s won their games in the rounds leading up to the finals and then in the play-offs for 1st and 2nd place, due to some brilliant team work and some fancy footwork, they won, 4-0!  Super play Year 2, tournament winners!  Thank you parents for your support; the children enjoyed their afternoon!

Year 2 Football Tournament

Year 2 Football Tournament 1
Year 2 Football Tournament 2
Year 2 Football Tournament 3
Year 2 Football Tournament 4
Year 2 Football Tournament 5
Year 2 Football Tournament 6
Year 2 Football Tournament 7
Year 2 Football Tournament 8
Year 2 Football Tournament 9
Year 2 Football Tournament 10
Year 2 Football Tournament 11
Year 2 Football Tournament 12

Boccia & New Age Kurling

On Monday, a group of enthusiastic children from KS1 and KS2 represented St Margaret’s at the Boccia and Kurling tournament at Green Towers in Hinckley.  The children had a chance to learn a new sport in school, before putting their skills to the test against a number of other schools, in what was a very enjoyable afternoon.  Boccia (a target ball sport), was where the KS1 children excelled, whilst the KS2 children showed great skill in the Kurling ~ all of the children enjoyed being able to push the Kurling stones out across the hall floor to aim at the target though!  The children had a really enjoyable afternoon and worked really hard together as a team.  Well done team and thank you parents and staff for your support!

Cross Country 2nd Round 28.10.17

Cross Country 2nd Round 28.10.17 1
Cross Country 2nd Round 28.10.17 2
Cross Country 2nd Round 28.10.17 3
Cross Country 2nd Round 28.10.17 4
Cross Country 2nd Round 28.10.17 5
Cross Country 2nd Round 28.10.17 6
Cross Country 2nd Round 28.10.17 7
Cross Country 2nd Round 28.10.17 8
Cross Country 2nd Round 28.10.17 9
Cross Country 2nd Round 28.10.17 10
Cross Country 2nd Round 28.10.17 11
Cross Country 2nd Round 28.10.17 12

On Saturday, an energetic bunch of children represented us at the Prestwold Cross country.  A number of our parents and children had to park some distance away from Prestwold and walk to the event due to an incident on the roads causing huge tailbacks ~ super dedication and I'm amazed the children still had the energy to run!  It was a very busy morning with a large number of children in the races but it was super that it didn't put our children off!  It was great to see a number of new runners this week and we're always impressed with how the older children take the lead and ensure that a sense of fun is injected into the event.  We had some super results on the day, including a top 10 placing for Elliot in Year 5!   Thank you to the children and parents who came.  A super effort from all the children - well done!   

An energetic (and rather enthusiastic) group of Year 5 children represented St Margaret’s at the Sportshall Athletics at Green Towers today. The competition was tough but the children were fantastic and all put in their best efforts in what was a complicated series of events. The boys team showed some real skill in the track events and the girls had some super team work. It was lovely to see how well they all supported each other. The children had a great morning and we are proud of all of them! Thank you to the parents who gave up their time to transport and support us as well.

Well done Year 5!

Brownlee Triathlon - September 2017

Brownlee Triathlon - September 2017 1
Brownlee Triathlon - September 2017 2
Brownlee Triathlon - September 2017 3
Brownlee Triathlon - September 2017 4
Brownlee Triathlon - September 2017 5
Brownlee Triathlon - September 2017 6
Brownlee Triathlon - September 2017 7
Brownlee Triathlon - September 2017 8
Brownlee Triathlon - September 2017 9
Brownlee Triathlon - September 2017 10

Well done to the children that took part in the Brownlee Foundation triathlon on Friday 30th September. Both children represented our school brilliantly in the four disciplines; swimming, cycling and running and transitioning.  The children were thrilled to meet Olympic triathlete Jonny Brownlee once they had completed the three stages.  A brilliant experience!

Cross Country Saturday 30th September 2017

On Saturday, 21 children represented us at the first cross country race of the season at Prestwold Hall. Despite it being fairly soggy underfoot, the children were all superb! There was a huge turnout for the races this year. Hundreds of children were competing which meant that each race had a busy start, with the usual pushing and shoving and even the odd lost shoe, but all our children worked hard to stay upright and run through it all! Fantastic results from all of them! Well done!

KS2 Sports Day 2017 ~ A fantastic effort from all!

30th October 2016 Primary Schools Cross Country

We had another great turn out for the primary schools cross country competition on Saturday which was the busiest one we’ve seen so far!  The Year 3s all worked hard in their races and we had some super results from them.  The Year 4 races were incredibly busy with approximately 300 children in each race ~ it was tough going!  Year 5 and 6 worked well in their races and should be proud of their results.  Every time these children attend the cross country, their attitude, behaviour and sportsmanship makes us incredibly proud.  Well done all of you!

Next race: Saturday 26th November

More info inc. race photos & video:


2nd October 2016 ~ Leicestershire Primary School Cross Country Competition

On Sunday 2nd October 2016, 23 children from KS2 took part in the cross country competition at Prestwold Hall, near Loughborough.  The Year 3 children were first to race and, after a warm up and explanation from Joe & Ellie in Year 6, they ran their socks off!  We had some super results; a special well done to George who came in the Top 20! The Year 4s raced after Year 3 and again, the children really put in their best efforts. Elliot shot off around the course and came in 4th place, winning a medal!  The Year 5 children were super in their races and returned to the team with smiles which, after some of the nerves, we were pleased to see! Last to race were the Year 6 children.  We had a good turn out of girls and Ellie came in the top 20.  The boys race was a bit of a contest between Joe and Thomas and they both came in the top 15 which was superb.

Well done to all the children who took part.

Area Sports July 2016

On Tuesday, 29 children from Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 went to Saffron Lane Athletics Stadium in Leicester to compete in the annual area sports athletics competition against 16 other schools.  Erin, Isaac, Kaitlin and Thomas started us off with their long distance races.  They all did superbly and we even had a 2nd place overall for Thomas.  The relays were a learning curve for the Year 3&4 team.  They really tried their best ~ especially Henry who ran up the track to collect the relay baton after a member of the team fell over, and then ran all the way back round the track doing his leg as well as the injured persons.  Well done Henry! In the relay, the Year 5 girls and boys teams and the Year 6 girls and boys teams all made it through to the finals after competing in some tough heats.  They were super in the finals ~ all four teams came 4th!    Isabelle, Connor, Harrison and Alex competed in the long jump, the boys clearly had a spring in their step as Connor took 1st place and Harrison 2nd.  Issy, George M, George P and Evie competed in the howler and made us very proud.  The sprint races were our last set of events and the children were fantastic.  Their results in the heats were as follows:

Megan ~ 3rd, Henry ~ 3rd, Ellie ~ 1st, Joe ~ 3rd, Eva ~ 1st,  Evan ~ 3rd, Kasey ~ 1st, Sam ~ 3rd,

Tegan ~ 6th, Harry ~ 3rd, Abi ~ 1st, Jake ~ 5th


Some of the children got through to the finals, again we had superb results:

Henry ~ 4th, Kasey (in the Year 4 race) ~ 1st, Kasey (who also raced in the Year 5 race!) ~ 4th,

Joe ~ 3rd, Evan ~ 2nd, Sam ~ 4th, Harry P ~ 4th, Abi ~ 2nd.


The final team results were superb; the Year 5 boys team were 2nd overall.

The whole St Margaret’s team took overall 1st place in the small schools category.


Well done to all the children who took part.  You represented our school superbly; were the best behaved there by a long way and you should be proud of yourselves!  Thank you also to the staff and adults who came and helped and supported us.

Leicestershire and Rutland 2015-16 School Games - Change4Life Festival


A team of Year 4 children represented Hinckley and Bosworth in the Change4Life Festival yesterday, as part of the final event in the Leicestershire and Rutland 2015-16 School Games. We had a fantastic day with our team participating against 9 other Leicestershire teams in 6 events - spiderweb, parachute challenge, blindfold challenge, food plate, Mr Wolf and sharks and fish. We also enjoyed a brilliant opening and closing ceremony, with special guests from, the sporting world including Paralympic athlete Sam Ruddock and local, Blaby-born, British Cycling Talent Team cyclist Grace Garner. At the end of the day it was announced that the Hinckley and Bosworth teams had won this year's School Games overall! 

KS2 Sports Day June 2016

Today, all the children in KS2 took part in our annual sports day.  The children competed in a range of activities which made up our carousel.  After that, they had the opportunity to compete in some sprint races ~ we have some very fast children at our school!  The children were superb.  The winning house for KS2 sports day was Kestrels.  The children who won 'Gold' in the sprints were:

Year 6 ~ Ben & Abi

Year 5 ~ Joe & Ellie

Year 4 ~ Sam & Kasey

Year 3 ~ Ben & Harriet


Well done to all the children who took part!  The scores will be added together to KS1's total scores and we will have an overall winning house!


Quadkids Competition Tuesday 7th June 2016

On Tuesday, our Quadkids team went to the next level of the competition, following on from their win a couple of weeks ago.  It was a hot day but they performed absolutely superbly and scores were even higher than last time.  We are awaiting the final results from Bosworth Academy but our children did well!  Well done Ben, Tyler, Eva, Isabelle, Harry, Joe, Tegan and Ellie and thank you to the adults who supported us on the day.  Final results and photos will be up on the school website as soon as they have been forwarded to us.

Sportsman of the day:  Ben for persevering and completing his races, despite being poorly!

School Games Level 2 Hockey Tournament


On Wednesday, the Year 6 hockey team went to Heathfield High School to compete in a tournament.  The weather was appalling but it didn’t dampen their enthusiasm.  St Margaret’s quickly took control of the first game, with a goal from Evan, shortly followed by a goal from Isabelle and then a hat trick from George M.  The second game was even better, mainly down to George scoring another 8 goals with help from Evan, Jess and Owen.   Evan scored the 9th goal of the game which put us well into the lead.  The third game was much tougher, with a much rougher level of play but St Margaret’s still played superbly and with a goal from Jess and another two from George, we finished with a draw.  The end result was a very well deserved first place for St Margaret’s, who will be going through to the next round at Dixie Grammar.  The children’s behaviour and sportsmanship was a credit to the school.  Well done Evan (C), George M, Owen, Elliot, Isabelle and Jess and thank you Mrs Fairchild and Mrs Carey for helping out.


Man of the Match ~ George M. 

Hockey Tournament

Tag Rugby ~ Wednesday 20th April 2016

Ten year 6 pupils took part in the Hinckley and Bosworth School Sports Tag Rugby tournament. They played superbly, winning 3 out of our 4 pool matches. Our high scores got us into the semi- final where we beat Burbage Juniors 5-4. Unfortunately, we lost out by one try in the final to St Peters, meaning we were runners up & took second place overall. We had a fantastic afternoon at Bosworth Academy and the children all supported each other well. They were a credit to the school and many of the staff commented on how well they played and also how well they encouraged other teams.  Well done to our super rugby stars: Rhianna, Izzy, Abi, Evan, Elliot, Ben, Guy, Joseph, Finlay and Jake. A big thank you goes to Mr Walton, Mr Cox and Mrs Fairchild who helped to transport the children, and also to the many vocal parents who supported us from the touchline. An even bigger thank you to Mr Cox who was our team "coach" and helped organise warm ups, team-talks and substitutions. 

Well done all!

Primary Schools Cross Country

Saturday 23rd January 2016

On Saturday a team of children from Years 3, 4 and 5 attended the Hinckley and Bosworth Primary Schools Cross Country competition at Bosworth Academy in Desford.  All the children put in their best performances despite it being cold and muddy.  Andrew, Daniel, Ruby, Maisie, Evie and Bradley beat their previous positions while Elliot took 2nd place over all for the year 3 boys.  Ellie came 8th for the Year 5 girls and there was fierce competition between Thomas and Joe in Year 5 who took 2nd and 3rd places.  Well done all!  The next race will be on Saturday 5th March and is open to all KS2 children. 


An extra well done to Thomas (Year 5), who has been selected to run at the National Finals in March.

St Margaret's Children meet Jo Pavey at the Cross Country

A number of children from Years 3 to 6 participated at the Leicestershire & Rutland Primary Schools Cross Country Competition on Saturday 28th November.  It was a very cold day but the children arrived enthusiastically and were a real credit to our school.  There were some fantastic results; a special well done to Elliot who has come in the top 10 for the Year 3 boys, 3 times in a row ~ a superb achievement!  At the end of today's race a number of the children stayed to meet Jo Pavey, a GB athlete who has won numerous titles during her athletics career and is a four time Olympian who is also aiming to go to Rio in 2016.  They were some of only few children who got to meet Jo, have their photo taken with her and also receive a written message from her.  The children were a credit to St Margaret's and are now looking forward to the next round of competition in January.

Year 5 & 6 Sportshall Athletics November 2015

The Year 5&6 sportshall athletics team competed at the Level 3 competition at Hinckley Leisure Centre at the beginning of November.  It was a busy afternoon for them but all the children were superb at the different events which they took part in.  The children competed in a selection of events, from sprint relays to obstacles courses, long jumps and throwing.  They were all fantastic and came a very well deserved second place overall.  Well done team!

Year 2 Football Competition ~ Heathfield High School ~ 18th November 2015

Competitions Autumn and Spring Terms (2014 - 2015)
During the Autumn Term we enjoyed a range of sports competitions and our children were fantastic.  At the football tournament at Richmond we got through to the finals and came second which was a fabulous achievement.  This was followed by some amazing results during the cross country season which saw a record number of our children taking part ~ we had 25 turn up one cold Saturday morning!  It's been great to see 5 of these children be selected to represent Hinckley and Bosworth ~ what an achievement!


We took part in the table tennis at Hastings High School which, much to our amusement, was very interesting!  Our next steps are to focus on keeping the ball on the table!  It was good to see a different group of children attend this ~ they had a brilliant time and I am sure will do again next time!


Some of our KS1 and 2 children attended the New Age Kurling at Green Towers.  This was a new experience for some children and they had to really focus on the accuracy of their Kurling.  It certainly wasn't easy!  

We've recently competed at the Hinckley and Bosworth Primary Schools Swimming Gala and the children really did us proud.  The gala is a big ask of the children as it is after school and we have been known to still be at the pool at 7pm!  There were some great results this year with a number of children getting into the finals which lead to some good placings.  Overal we took 2nd place out of the small schools and 6th place out of all the schools (including large) who entered.  This is a fantastic result and the children should be really proud.


In March, Kaitlin, Ellie, Joe, Anya and Olivia ran for Hinckley and Bosworth in the championships cross country at Donnington Park.  They all had super runs and helped H&B take second place overall out of all 9 areas who attended.  Joe made up part of the Year 4 boys team who came 3rd overall while Anya and Olivia made up the girls team who came 1st ~ fantastic results!


Having got through to the next round of the football we recently attended the Primary Schools football at JCC.  Sadly we couldn't attended all the matches due to parents evening which meant we couldn't be placed, but the boys were fantastic.  They showed great skills, super sportsmanship and above a lovely, St Margaret's attitude.  Well done boys!

All classes (From EYFS to Yr6) will also be hosting their own event and inviting other schools to St Margaret's during the Summer Tem ~ watch out for parent never know, there might even be a parent race!  


Area Sports Programme 2015 ~ be aware that timing will not be exact!

HInckley Football Tournaments Feb - March 2015

Hinckley Schools Swimming Gala