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Courageous Advocacy

At St Margaret’s C of E Primary School we have a strong emphasis on encouraging our pupils to become courageous advocates, not just locally, but nationally and globally.

In many areas of our curriculum we educate our pupils to understand that it is important to help others when we can, irrespective of who people are or where they come from. This is taught through the teachings of the bible and learning about other courageous advocates including modern day advocates such as  Sir David Attenborough, Malala Yousafzai, Dr Maya Rose Craig and Marcus Rashford. This is also taught through examples of past pupils who have continued to challenge and drive forward changes in this area.  Through our Christian vision and values and through carefully planned opportunities within our curriculum, we ensure that the children have opportunities to discuss significant issues, to challenge injustice and inequality, and to engage in activities that can bring about change. This learning is supplemented with visitors from our local, partner charities. Our work with  partner charities also allows children   to look beyond themselves, ask big questions, think globally about life, and develop an understanding of disadvantage, deprivation, and the exploitation of the natural world.


Our school community and curriculum actively embraces a responsibility for the world in which we live and together we consider the wonder and fragility of our environment, the actions we take, and the impact these actions may have on the well-being of everyone.

We have strong links  with schools locally, nationally and internationally, to enable children to learn about the similarities, differences and how we can help support/develop each other through these.


We believe that it is important for our children to appreciate their role as part of a local, national and global community; to take responsibility and understand their impact and influence in the world. 

We support a range of charities locally, nationally and globally. At St Margaret’s, the children often lead the acts of courageous advocacy but the staff also give them opportunities to engage in this on a larger scale, and support them to organise and share the reasons for what they are doing. Service Week is a culmination of our pupils' learning and development in courageous advocacy; it is an annual, week-long event that sees Year 6 pupils living out our vision by collectively working as active citizens within the local and global community. They have a full week to add to their experiences of what it's like to show love and care for others, as well as making positive contributions to society. We hope this experience enriches and enhances our children’s foundations (roots) and inspires them into lifelong service, courageous advocacy and ‘soaring high’



Year Six have been considering how they can be courageous advocates for change. 

Whilst learning about global water usage they have had a WhatsApp call to a church community in Africa to consider solutions to this issue. They learnt how people in Kibera work to find answers and considered how they too can work for change. 

As a result Year Six are finding ways to engage with our community and encouraging them to not waste water. They are also fundraising to provide a well for a community in Nepal.

Our partners at Feed the Hungry helped Year Six deliver this message to our school community through Collective Worship.

A response to this visit from one of our Year 6 pupils.

Prickly Hay - EYFS/KS1 Production

This week the younger children at St Margaret's have been singing, dancing and performing the Nativity to our school community, parents and grandparents.  As a school we don't ask parents to pay for the tickets to watch, but through discussions with the school council, staff and children we choose a charity to collect any donations at the end of the performance.  This year the EYFS/KS1 children chose Feed the Hungry as we have been working with them throughout this year.  Thank you to your kind donations, we raised £216.17 to be donated to such a worthwhile cause.  Thank you!

Courageous Advocate Phoebe

The pupils at St Margaret’s always amaze us with what wonderful young people they are becoming. Over the weekend Phoebe has baked gingerbread people for The Salvation Army drop in Centre. We are so proud of how our children show St Margaret’s values in all aspects of their life.

Packing Meals for Feed the Hungry

Year 6 have been investigating the values that are important to Christians.

Elaine and Martin from Feed the Hungry came to talk to them about how Christians show Jesus’ values in the world today.


Their fun packed day ended with them packing meals for children in Africa that don’t have as much as we do.  We are delighted to say they packed 4320 meals, what a difference you have made Year Six, we are so proud of you!


Thank you all for showing your love for others.

Raising money for the Little Princess Trust

In November, Cleo in Year 4 had her hair cut into a much shorter style to support the work of the Little Princess Trust.  Cleo is hoping that her hair will help to make a wig for a child who has lost their hair because of treatment for cancer.  We are so proud of Cleo for thinking of others, donating her hair and fundraising for the cost of the wig.  Well done Cleo for showing love to others.

Children in Need

This week in Collective Worship, the children thought about why it was so important to support Children in Need.  Following a non uniform day and a visit from Pudsey Bear, the children raised  £143 for Children in Need.  Thank you all for showing such kindness and generosity.

Thank you from the Hinckley Food Bank!

Hinckley Food Bank - Harvest

Chris from Hinckley Foodbank visited school as we began to think about our own harvest festivals. He talked to the children about how any donations from school made to the Hinckley Foodbank would mean that they could pack up many more 3 day food parcels for families struggling to put food on the table. We (and they) have been absolutely blown away by your generosity in donating gifts. Hinckley food bank were incredibly touched by the amount of donations and the difference they would make.


Couraegous Advocate Thomas

We are so very proud of our thoughtful children at St Margaret’s who demonstrate our Christian values so beautifully. One of our pupils and his dad found £5 this week; they decided to do something to help others with it. He has baked cakes for the homeless at The Salvation Army!

#WWFWildWisdomGC Hannah & Ivy in Y6 yesterday represented St. Margaret's at the Live International Final of the Wild Wisdom Global Challenge, organised by Sir David Attenborough! The girls were fabulous and we were all cheering them on whilst we watched the live stream! #globalcitizens

Y6 are busy taking part in the 'Wild Wisdom Global Challenge'; a competition and learning experience organised by Sir David Attenborough that will help them further understand climate change and what they can do to help preserve the planet. The leader boards are up for week 1: well done to 'SnowPanda' for collecting the most points for St. Margaret's this week!

Mrs T. is brimming with pride this week reading the Y6's first drafts of their 'letters to the earth'. The children wrote letters of love, loss, hope and action to a planet in crisis as a finale to their geography topic. #globalcitizens #climatechange @letterstotheearth

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