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Prayer Labyrinth

On the afternoons of Monday 9th, Tuesday 10th and Wednesday 11th May children from all year groups had the opportunity to experience a prayer labyrinth in our school grounds.  The activity gave children the chance to reflect on different aspects of The Lord's Prayer as they followed the Labyrinth pathway.  There were times for discussion, reflection and personal prayer.

"I like the maze because it taught us more about God and prayers."

Ben Year 3

"I thought the labyrinth was very nice and I liked answering the questions with my partner.  It was fun and felt good."  Freya Year 3

"I enjoyed doing the prayer labyrinth because it made me think about how lucky we are that God created the World for us.  I also enjoyed doing it because it was like a maze."  Gracie Year 4

I enjoyed the prayer labyrinth because I liked thinking about what we take for granted and what we do to celebrate God and Jesus. "  Sam Year 4

"I enjoyed reading the cards because it gave you something to think about carefully.  However, it made me feel guilty because I remembered we have above what we need and some people don't know when their next meal will be.  I think the prayer labyrinth is a great way to teach younger children about God and older children how to reflect."  Poppy G  Year 5

"I enjoyed how it was quiet and peaceful in the prayer labyrinth and how we could talk as much or as little as we wanted.  They prayer labyrinth has made me feel differently about the Lord's Prayer and I now know that it says more than just 'Dear God.'  Thank you very much for doing this!"  Gia Year 5




One Leicestershire ~ we all fit together

Year 6 were challenged with designing and creating a multi faith display.  They researched 6 of Leicestershire’s main religions and considered how best to inform other pupils in our school.  They then created a board and hope our pupils and visitors enjoy reading and finding out about different people in Leicestershire’s beliefs and values.

Fenny Drayton - Angel Festival

Year 5 are very proud of the display they made for Fenny Drayton Church, our quote was,

"Where there's a rainbow, there's an angel"



Fenny Drayton Angel Festival

This half term, in their RE lessons, Year 1 have been learning about 'Belonging.'  Today they evaluated the topic and were asked the question, 'Which part of belonging is most important to you?' 


Aimee said, "If you were alone you would be sad and lonely and to make me happy is my mummy."


Libby said, "I belong to God and he makes me happy."


Haydn said, "Belonging to God is important because he can help us with our big problems."


Jaime said, "Our hearts, our families, God and Jesus and my sister.  I love belonging."


They were then asked, 'What is the most important thing you have learnt about?"


Jaime said, "When we haven't got any friends or any families it makes you sad."


Aimee said, "Belonging to God because he is special.  Belonging to God makes me feel happy, safe and special."


Libby said, "I know God loves me because I love him."


Haydn said, "Being part of a religion, being part of religion makes me feel happy."

Bread Making for the Salvation Army

This term, Year 4 are investigating, ‘The deeper meaning of our celebrations.’  As part of our learning about the Muslim celebration of Eid ul-Fitr we discussed ways in which Muslims remembered and helped the poor.  We considered ways in which we could help people who are less fortunate than us and decided that we would like to make bread for the drop in centre at the Salvation Army in Nuneaton.  They were very grateful and are looking forward to the next batch!

Year 4 ~ Making Bread to support the Salvation Army, Nuneaton

Year 5 enjoyed learning about a Hindu Home Shrine.  They were then able to teach EYFS and year 4 what they had learnt.

How do Hindu's worship in the home?

Friday 9th October 2015

Today, Year 5 have been learning about The Holy Trinity and the ways in which the three persons of the Trinity are the same yet distinct. 


First, we took the Jaffa cake challenge to help us to learn about the Holy Trinity.  Next we listened to a mystery, a mystery at the heart of the Christian faith: The Trinity.   


Afterwards we considered to following questions:

Which part of the three parts of God do you think is most important to Christians today?

Can a person can be a true Christian if they keep their seed inside and don’t let it grow?


We then asked our RE Governor, Mrs Nelson, some very thought provoking and considered questions about what the Trinity meant to her as a Christian.

We listened to the song Glory Be and then wrote down our thoughts on what made the three persons of the Trinity distinct.  Finally we shared our knowledge with Year 1 and taught them about the Trinity, by making friendship bracelets and art work. 


We were really impressed with the depths of Year 1’s knowledge.  These are what Year 1 were able to tell us 2 weeks later:


Haydn said, “The Trinity has no end because God goes on forever, no beginning and no end.  The persons are, God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit is inside you and grows by you being a good friend.  The Holy Spirit helps our friendships.”


Jaime said, “The shamrock represents the Trinity because it’s got three leaves.  One of them is God the Father, one is God the Son and one is God the Holy Spirit.  God the Father made us, Jesus loved us and he died for us and the Holy Spirit is like a little seed that grows up inside us to make us nice and be good friends.”