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Physical Education

Every child at St Margaret's gets to enjoy a minimum of 2 hours of physical education per week.  Within PE we aim to teach children the basic skills through a wide range of teaching and learning.  Physical education aims to allow every child the chance to participate and make progress in their own way.  Some classes may have two 2 hour lessons per week, whilst in others, children may have 45 minute lessons with further sessions of physical education combined with other areas of the curriculum.

In EYFS children begin with exploring different movements, learning how best they might crawl, walk or run and how they can include apparatus in their different challenges.  As children progress, (both in EYFS and moving up through the school), and as they begin to understand how best they can achieve, more apparatus and equipment is used ~ including the children's favourite, 'Big Blue!'

In Year 6 children get the opportunity to go on a residential to Red Ridge in Wales.  This is an outdoor pursuits centre and children are able to demonstrate and build on their skills; both physical skills and confidence.

Physical Education plays an important role at St Margaret's and the children enjoy the opportunities which it presents them with.

Weekly Challenge ~ children enjoyed their weekly challenge under beautiful blue skies this week. Who will beat their own score next week?

    Communication and Collaboration

Just before the Christmas holidays, some of UKS2 had a go at 'communication and collaboration' during one of their PE sessions.  During the first challenge, children had to work together and agree, in order to 'build' a snowman.  They had very limited resources and only 12 minutes in which to complete the task.  Some collaboration was clearly very successful and the snowmen looked quite content.  We decided that some of the others perhaps had 'melted' and maybe a little more discussion would have been helpful!


The second task was more about communication.  Each team had a 'blindfolded' member who was in charge of a large sheet of paper and a pen.  The other members of the team were shown a large picture - a large Christmas tree with presents, decorations and a star on top - and they had to explain to the blindfolded member of the team what to draw on the piece of paper.  They weren't allowed to say the key words though (tree, decoration, present or star).  The results suggest that a little more work on communication and precise instructions might be beneficial!  It was very tricky drawing with a blind fold on though ~ thankfully all felt tip did remain on the paper!

Collaboration and Communication

Year 6 & 4 Enjoy some climbing!

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