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Congratulations on passing your Eco-Schools Green Flag!

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Fantastic work Kirsty!

We are very pleased to tell you that you and your Eco-Committee at St Margaret's Church of England Primary School have been successful in meeting the requirements for the Eco-Schools Green Flag Award.

We reviewed your application and noted the following:

It's wonderful that you have appointed such a representative Eco-Committee, this shows your school’s excellent commitment to both the programme and the eco-cause. We love your democratic and fair approach to appointing Eco-Committee members. It’s great to see that other pupils played a part in the process. It was also wonderful to see that they were supported by no less than three members of staff and that key members of the SLT were kept informed. We love that you kept minutes from your meetings and that they helped to track, guide and prompt your activity, and thank you for including the excellent example. It was great to see that young people were responsible for completing those meeting minutes – this helps them develop new skills! This is a mature and professional approach.

Great work! It was wonderful to see how completing your Environmental Review helped to raise the level of awareness in your school and helped your Eco-Committee to identify the issues and spot gaps in your school's existing environmental activity. It was also brilliant to read that the Environmental Review helped your pupils appreciate everything that your school is already doing to benefit our environment and identify areas to work on in the future. It was great to see how you carefully considered findings from your Environmental Review and factored them into the creation of your Action Plan. A great sign of critical thinking! Your Action Plan shows that your Eco-Committee have carefully considered how they can involve their entire school in their planned Eco-Schools’ activities to achieve maximum impacts and raise awareness amongst their school community.

We love the range of activities that you and your Eco-Committee planned for delivery. The fact that they cover both indoor (a ‘switch-off’ campaign, an Earth Day and recycling cheese packaging) and outdoor (a Walk to School Week and growing your own produce) activities is excellent. It was also great to see accountability and monitoring and evaluation clearly marked in your Action Plan. Great work! Your Curriculum Link examples are imaginative, practical and fun, making environmental education accessible and engaging, well done! We’re really impressed at how you’ve linked environmental issues to a variety of curriculum areas. We loved seeing the excellent photos of your pupil’s work, posters, displays and of them enjoying their activities. This is a great example of layering in sustainability and climate change into your studies. We loved reading about how you had incorporated learning about global issues not only into the Geography and Science Curriculum (most common ones) in your school, but also into other areas such as English. Great work! A challenge for next year might be expanding this to incorporate these issues into other areas of learning like Maths, Art or D&T! Your Eco-Board is great. Your board is incredibly visual and engaging and promotes your work in a very attractive way. It’s also good to see your Eco-Committee members on the board. This is a great way to raise their esteem and make their schoolmates feel like they can approach them and get involved with your Eco-Schools work! We love how active your Eco-Committee was in communicating their activities school-wide with both assembly and class feedback and use of posters, the school emails, website and social media as well as the Eco-board itself. These all combine to make a great approach!

We love that your pupils have taken their great work beyond the school gates and into their local community with a terrific fundraiser to provide clean water to a village in Nepal. We are certain that your pupils will have greatly benefitted from your involvement with such outside organisations as One Planet, Kings Lodge, Ipat Earth Day, Red Nose Day and Children in Need, amongst others. The parent quote is a great testament to the work that you are doing with your Eco-Committee, that they are taking their Eco-Schools work home with them and getting their families on board is something to be proud of! Your Eco-Code is really smart and concise. It's a great message and its punchy nature will definitely help it be processed by everyone passing by your Eco-Board.

I hope you and your Eco-Committee take great pride in your achievements, when listed it's surprising how many there are – however, the improvements to your school environment with the energy saving, recycling and green travel initiatives, all nicely stand out! Congratulations to everyone for the great work you have managed to do, earning your Green Flag with style. You should all be very proud of your work and the application you have submitted!

Year 3 are overjoyed to have received their Supersized Green Global Citizen badges from Blue Peter! Well done to you all, you are amazing! Green heart Earth globe americas #bluepeter #globalcitizens #proud

Our 4 and 5 year olds are passionate about saving our oceans and plastic pollution. (The book Saving Tally was a great starting point, lots of talk!) They have chosen to draw posters showing the dangers as well as writing letters to the Prime Minister! @BorisJohnson #saveourocean

Year Six are so proud to have become Blue Peter ‘Supersized Climate Heroes’ for their work on developing a plastic free school. We are committed to caring for our environment and planet and are very proud to see our pupils using their voice to be ambassadors of change. #bluepeter

St Margaret’s Year Six are so proud to have their questions raised in parliament by our local MP @drlukeevans #GlobalCitizens #childrensvoice #valuesintovirtues

Year 3 have had a super afternoon collecting litter from our school grounds. Finishing our two week pledge towards our @cbbc #bluepeter #bigclimateherobadge #litterpicking #community #oneplanet (April 2021)

This morning Year Six had a virtual meeting with our local politician @drlukeevans . They asked some very challenging questions about plastic pollution, and were excited by the political commitment to this crisis, and the changes they can make to save our amazing planet. #COP26 (March 2021))

Year 5 have been exploring themes related to our collective worship today, finding out about the harm that plastic does to our oceans & beginning to think about what we can do to help. Some fabulous research & the beginnings of some super ideas! #GlobalCitizen #plasticpollution (March 2021)

Garden Club were selling their produce in the playground after school today #growyourown (Sept 10th 2019)

This year, our elected School Councillors are also our Green Rangers. The School Councillors are voted for by the other pupils in their class, after considering who they think will best represent them and put their ideas and suggestions forward for discussion at meetings. They are currently organising 'Switch it Off Fortnight' which runs form 19th - 30th November 2018.  Watch this space for more news!
From 19th - 30th November we will be taking part in Switch Off Fortnight.  The School Councillors will be responsible for monitoring energy usage at the start of the fortnight.  They will then lead an assembly and talk to their classes about saving power by remembering to switch off lights and appliances that are not being used.  At the end of the fortnight they will monitor our energy usage again hoping to see an improvement.  There will be a certificate for the class that are the best at remembering to 'switch it off'!

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